A Wild Wedding.

I met these two beautiful people on the same day and under the very same cottonwood tree where I first met my husband in Goblin Valley. They are kind and generous and loving and creatively gifted and very dear to my heart.

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Jenevieve HubbardComment
At the farm.

I began my flower journey in Horticulture. I learned genus and species of thousands of varieties of garden plants, spent my days wandering college campuses identifying trees by leaves and bark and learning the exceptional magic of starting one large living organism from a seed the size of a grain of sand...

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Beautifully repurposed.

One day, out of the blue, during the first few months of having started this little floral co, I received a package from an acquaintance. I was completely shocked to find enclosed a beautiful garden set by a company called Barebones Living. I sat down for a moment and held these incredibly crafted tools, tearing up a little in gratitude over this gesture of support and love in my new journey... 

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