Spring in the Desert

This green as green bouquet featuring desert succulents, spring blooming Spirea and the ever ethereal Tillandsia had the pleasure of appearing with this beautiful bride at a bridal shoot in the foothills of Salt Lake City.

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Wild Flora

From early mornings foraging by the river to an afternoon at the flower farm, every single wedding is a wild adventure culminating in a vision as unique as the people for which it was made.

Spend a day with me and watch everything that goes into making a wild wedding come to life.

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Desert Foraging

I remember the first time I visited Moab. I was barely twenty years old and seated at the base of Delicate Arch. Having grown up in Alaska, the desert was new to me. This was a period of my life spent voraciously reading naturalist novels and crawling hands and knees over sandy landscapes to discover everything exceptionally fecund about what at first site might appear to be desolate.

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A magical elopement at Zion National Park.

Any time I've been invited to take part in a wedding put on by Katie and Cody of Havenwood Weddings, I go into it knowing it's going to be quite the adventure. This elopement at Zion National Park was no exception.

We started early on the morning of Easter Sunday at a little cabin just on the edge of a vast grassland full of feeding buffalo at Zion Ponderosa Lodge. Dorah of Beauty by Dorah Jade wove spring Hellebore into Sheena's hair and we all sipped coffee and watched the sunrise.

Two pairs of hiking boots, a wedding dress and tux in their packs later, the bride and groom stoically hiked with us up the Canyon Overlook Trail at Zion National Park, sidling on narrow passages past breathtaking heights to reach the summit where Sheena ducked behind a Juniper to change quickly into wedding dress and shoes for some incredible photos by April Loyle.

Loading a wedding into the tram and sitting with pampas grass arrangements on our laps as we twisted and turned up the canyons of Zion National Park, we ended at the River Walk where the two were married in a beautiful ceremony with a small selection of friends and family nearby, river roaring and hearts full.

We ended the evening back at the lodge for a sweet dinner stunningly set by Katie with striking views of buffalo silhoetted sunset and one incredible cake by Annie's Cakes.

We all slept well back at the Zion Ponderosa Lodge after an incredibly long day, satisfied by amazing views in the wilderness and a job well done.

Photos: April Loyle
Planning & Styling: Havenwood Weddings
HMUA: Beauty by Dorah Jade
Floral: Beehive Floral Co
Catering: Zion Mountain Ranch Catering
Musician: Dave Tate Music
Linens: Fox Heron Collective
Cake: Annie's Cakes
Locations: Zion Mountain Ranch + Zion National Park




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Love is complicated.

If I've learned anything from life, it's that love is complicated. And even those relationships that seem flawless from the outside, have in their inner workings a long and private history of mutual sacrifice and understanding and space to be broken

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A Wild Wedding.

I met these two beautiful people on the same day and under the very same cottonwood tree where I first met my husband in Goblin Valley. They are kind and generous and loving and creatively gifted and very dear to my heart.

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Beautifully repurposed.

One day, out of the blue, during the first few months of having started this little floral co, I received a package from an acquaintance. I was completely shocked to find enclosed a beautiful garden set by a company called Barebones Living. I sat down for a moment and held these incredibly crafted tools, tearing up a little in gratitude over this gesture of support and love in my new journey... 

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