Beautifully repurposed.

One day, out of the blue, during the first few months of having started this little floral co, I received a package from an acquaintance. I was completely shocked to find enclosed a beautiful garden set by a company called Barebones Living. I sat down for a moment and held these incredibly crafted tools, tearing up a little in gratitude over this gesture of support and love in my new journey. 

I later learned this local company not only creates the most wonderful gardening tools but is truly impressive in their commitment to social consciousness, sustainability and treating everyone they encounter with respect and kindness. Just as one example, they shipped 25 tents to Nepal to act as birthing clinics for mothers who were displaced after the devastating earthquake.

The words of founder Robert Workman speak to the place I have come to in my own work.

"When I'm in the garden on my ranch, with my hands in the earth or witnessing the magic of a star-filled sky far from city lights or fully experiencing conscious time spent in nature, everything trivial falls away. I'm reminded why I'm here and what matters to me most. It is humbling and expansive all at once. It brings clarity and renews my passion to create the impactful life I imagine made vibrant by family, nature and the humanitarian work I love.

My intention is for Barebones to inspire a desire to consciously engage with nature and, as the poet Rumi invites, 'Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you love.' Come, be drawn to your True North."

In the coming months I had the opportunity to do some floral styling for Barebones' Outdoor Retailer Booth. I spent some beautiful frozen mornings on a patch of land belonging to a local farmer, collecting evergreen treasures, pinecones and a number of small Christmas trees.

Photo by  Big American Story .

Through a mutual love of Barebones, Melinda Meservy of Thyme & Place and I found each-other. Melinda is decidedly one of my very favorite humans. She's kind, creative and incredibly gifted with plants having created a beautiful new garden shop in the 9th & 9th District of Salt Lake City. I was lucky enough to join her, Barebones Living and talented videographer Haley Bateman to make a little video to demo repurposing the wooden crate you get from your Barebones Living Gardener Set

Videography by Haley Bateman
Floral Design & Content by Beehive Floral Co.
Garden Box Design & Content by Thyme & Place 
Gardener Set by Barebones Living