The power of white space.

Minimalism is an art form that I have been fascinated by for some time and in fact actively practiced in my other life as a painter and performance artist. It's long been my belief that the ability to boil down any creation to its bare essence and then leave it alone to live by it's own simple merits is what distinguishes student from master.

So when I came across Erica Kopp's Instagram profile @stay__co, I was enthralled with her mastery of clean lines, subtle transitions in color, plays on light and shadow and absolute understanding of the magic in the in-between moments - glimpses of time when a model has momentarily stopped posing and suddenly become her self, close-ups of the space between the visual stars of that still life, the golden light of fresh grapes from the garden and the interplay with the refracted light of a bottle of rose.

I was so happy to have the opportunity very early on a fall morning to join Erica in her studio and garden to build an installation of local Dahlia and grace the table with garden flowers and fresh cut grapes.

So much appreciation for Marni Wishart's incredible photographs and this stunning cake by Callie Crofts.