We live in a culture of scarcity. We are conditioned to believe we don't have what we need to be good enough, right now, in this moment.

It's a pattern I myself get caught up with at times. Fearful the money will run out, the work will evaporate, I won't be supported, loved, cared for.

I think about this belief when I begin any foraging adventure. I'm often rushing into a far away photo shoot with buckets of floral in the back, over-prepared as usual, sure I won't find what I need there, pulling into the area three to six hours later, to find instantly, right before me, the very thing I needed, growing out of the desolation and dust.

I have found, when I open my heart, that everything I need is here, right now. The best arrangements begin with what I find, just outside the studio, on the side of the freeway, in the middle of the desert, at a local flower farm blooming fiercely and unexpectedly in the midst of the urban hum. To this, I add touches of something new, like a new lesson learned or a new friend, breathing in life and difference.

As a rule, intense sunlight, heat and salt are not ideal conditions for life. Let alone cut flowers.

But the desolation and pure ice white ethereal blue of the Bonneville Salt Flats, one of the many mysterious landscape features of this place I am proud to call home, does a stunning photograph make.

Which is why I jumped at the chance to provide a little foraged bouquet with bits of fresh floral added in (and my own personal dress by Crawford Denim, designed by the uber talented Siren Floral Co) to the lovely Talia Photography and Cassie Dillard earlier this summer for what turned out to be a really stunning shoot.

See more of the beautiful images they made together below:

Photographer Talia Photography
Model Cassie Dillard
Florals Beehive Floral Co
Hair & Makeup Lexi Harker Beauty
Jewelry Tumble
Dress Crawford Denim and Vintage