SEASON  Spring | LOCATION Commonwealth Studios
PHOTOGRAPHER  Souk Mounsena | FLOWERS Beehive Floral Co

I sort of fell in love with Souk the minute I met him. He has the kindest most generous heart and he’s creatively brilliant and a joy to talk to. He taught me all about natural wines and vineyards and he made sure to bring my husband and I a care package of the most delicious things during a time we genuinely needed caring for. So when he asked me for a few florals for a birthday tea he was holding for his sister, I was happy to do it in exchange for some of his brilliant photos of my work. A trade I do not regret.

Beehive Floral-0112.jpg
Beehive Floral-0122.jpg
Beehive Floral-0154.jpg
Beehive Floral-0169.jpg
Beehive Floral-0135.jpg
Beehive Floral-0156.jpg
Beehive Floral-0112.jpg
Beehive Floral-0092.jpg
Beehive Floral-0188.jpg