Please PLEASE spare no expense when it comes to your wedding day photographer and videographer. After all, you've just spent a small fortune on what is effectively one single day. So I think it's absolutely essential that you find just the right person to make that day last forever and easy to return to, whenever you feel the urge. I watch our wedding video every year and every year it gets more meaningful. Find a videographer and a photographer that you can fall in love with and feel connected to, and you'll end up with keepsakes to last a lifetime.

Photo by Haley Nord. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.

Photo by Haley Nord. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.


The ultimate story teller.

What can I say except that Haley Nord is my personal go-to. I met her early in the birth of my business and was lucky enough to be able to book her for a branding session. I knew based on her portfolio that it would be good, but I just didn't know how good. From a few coffee meet-ups and Pinterest boards and lengthy emails on my part, she managed to understand perfectly the spirit of the story I was trying to tell, and purvey it wordlessly for a breathlessly gorgeous portrait of everything that is behind my passion for flowers. Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with her on many a styled shoot and several weddings and my heart skips a beat every time I hear that I'll get to enjoy more delicious photos of my work crafted by her.

If you are looking for soulful, moody and unbelievably gorgeous portraits of your wedding day, book her right away if you can get her!

Website: Haley Nord Photography
Contact: Haley Nord | | 435 840-0468

Photo by Heather Nan. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.

Photo by Heather Nan. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.


Unbelievably beautiful film photography.

If you've been on Pinterest, you've probably seen a photo of Nicole Land's work from Soil & Stem. If you've seen Nicole Land's work, you've probably seen a photo or two by Heather Nan. I met Heather at one of Nicole's workshops in the fall. She sashayed in wearing this cool linen dress and unbelievably hip shoes and carrying what looked like an antique camera. She proceeded to take some of the most stunning, brightly lit, warm detailed images of my work and after seeing them, I knew I'd be pestering her ever after to shoot more. She's the ultimate professional, a big name in the industry and incredibly skilled at her craft plus, just as friendly and down to earth as they come. If you like clean modern lines with an old world feel, give her a call.

Website: Heather Nan
Contact: Heather Nan | | 702-979-0115

Video capture by Everett Fitch. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.

Video capture by Everett Fitch. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.


Epic cinematic videography with heart.

Full disclosure, Everett Fitch, owner of Big American Story, is actually my husband. But that doesn't change the fact that in my years as a florist (and previous years in design) I have rarely met someone as gifted at creating moments in cinema that almost outshine the actual moment. There's a huge gap between your personal experience of a moment as important and weighty as your wedding day and what might be captured by a canny iPhone video that makes it all look so flat and unremarkable. This makes it all the more important in my mind that you hire not just a photographer to capture the still moments for the mantle but a really skilled videographer who can capture and reconvey that moment the horses ran wild behind you and your husband just as you were being wed and your mother cried in astonishment. Usually busy with music videos and uber cool brands, he only accepts a few weddings a year, so grab him if you can.

Website: Big American Story
Contact: Everett Fitch | | 801-864-7109

Photo by Alexis Foust. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.

Photo by Alexis Foust. Floral by Beehive Floral Co.


Clean lines, bright imagery and a lot of love.

I met Alexis when she asked me to do a little floral for a spring shoot at the Charcoal Loft. She was timely, unbelievably organized, immaculate in her vision for the shoot and even took the time to handwrite thank you notes for every one of the vendors that helped. It's been fast friends ever since and I've been lucky enough to do more shoots and hope to do even more going forward. She specializes in brightly lit photos with clean lines and a genuine understanding of capturing human relationships and familial love in the in-between moments. If you're looking for plenty of light and love, I'd highly recommend her.

Website: Alexis Foust Photography
Contact: Alexis Foust | 



All the best things are wild. Specializing in locally sourced floral for weddings, events and botanical styling. From mountain forest foraging, to the bounty of my own carefully curated cut flower garden, to truckloads of blooms from nearby flower farmers committed to sustainable growing practices, each floral project comes together as a unique reflection of the environment in which it was grown and the spirit of the client for which it was created. Committed to the "Slow Flower Movement" and a member of Floret Flower's Farmer-Florist Collective.